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*See Terms and Conditions here. Patients enrolled in state or federally funded prescription insurance programs are not eligible to use this card. Savings up to $970 per tube. Annual savings up to $3,880. This Card will be accepted only at participating pharmacies. This Card is not health insurance. Pfizer Inc. PO Box 29387, Mission, KS 66201 1-866-382-7472.

Terms and Conditions*

Call 1-866-EUCRISA (1-866-382-7472) for support
Copay Savings Card is not health insurance. Only accepted at participating pharmacies.


Dedicated support to help EUCRISA patients with their access

  • 3 options for you to enroll your patients in eucrisa•4•you:

    • Option 1: E-Prescribe directly to CareMed Mail Order Pharmacy, Lake Success, NY 11042, ID#3306986
    • Option 2: COMPLETELY fill out and sign the Prescription and Patient Enrollment Form (found at the link below). Fax completed form to 1-877-548-1734
    • Option 3: Enroll via the portal by going to

EUCRISA information sign-up for your patients

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